Gold and The Efforts To Protect U.S. Intensify Amid Global Shift From Dollar

Amid rising inflation and concerns over the U.S. dollar’s future as the global reserve currency, both governmental and private sectors are considering gold and precious metals as potential safeguards. U.S. Rep. Alex Mooney has proposed the “Gold Standard Restoration Act,” suggesting that linking the dollar to a fixed weight in gold could bolster its international reputation. In Texas, efforts are underway to enable commerce using gold through the Texas Gold Depository. Previously, the U.S. dollar was backed by gold, providing stability, but that link was severed in 1971. Today, with global economic uncertainty and countries like China seeking alternatives to the dollar, there is a renewed interest in a gold-backed monetary system. Notable voices like Ron Paul emphasize the importance of sound money rooted in tangible value, like gold, to ensure economic stability and resilience.