Global Economists Worry: Inflation, Trade Barriers and Recession – Here's What Some Are Saying

Economic experts weigh in on looming economic risks:

– **Chetan Ahya, Morgan Stanley**: Fears a US recession and a substantial deceleration in China’s growth rate, especially if both occur simultaneously.

– **Olivier Blanchard, Former IMF chief economist**: Believes that although the battle against inflation might cause temporary recessions, geopolitical tensions, like subsidy and tariff wars, pose a more lingering concern.

– **Ethan Harris, Former Bank of America Corp. economist**: Highlights the risk of major geopolitical shocks, including potential US-China economic decoupling and persistent high inflation.

– **Zhang Jun, Fudan University**: Warns against the disintegration of integrated economies and supply chains, foreseeing sustained inflation and stunted global growth.

– **Jonathan Kearns, Challenger Ltd.**: Envisions a scenario of high inflation, interest rates, and weak growth potentially leading to bank failures and unforeseen interest-rate risks.